Hello and welcome, boys. I see you crawled on your hands and knees into My perfect world. And perfect, it is! Everything here is what I want, when I want and exactly HOW I want it. Imperfection is NOT allowed here.

Before you continue onto anything else here in My world, you must read this page. You must learn to pay attention, follow rules, and please Me before you EVER contact Me. Below are some of the things you need to know.

First of all, I am NOT here for your pleasure. You are here for Mine. I am not online to cater to your whims and desires. You will learn to cater to all of Mine. I am here to take everything from you and leave you with nothing. I will ruin and destroy all who dare to serve Me. The catch? You will LOVE, NEED & CRAVE Me and all My abuses. You will be begging for more and more of them. Every second of every day will be spent thinking about, worshipping, and desiring to be near Me. You will not be able to resist Me. I promise.

It is not easy here. I am not some silly girl who got the idea one day to start a website. I have been participating in the lifestyle for many years. I have experienced real submissives who truly want to make My life better and give Me everything that they have. I will accept no less.

You must put away all your stupid pride and all that excess testosterone you're oozing and become putty in My hands. You must forget that you are male. You must become a blank slate for Me to turn into whatever I choose. You are WORTHLESS until I say otherwise. You are NOTHING unless you become Mine.

What exactly does this mean to you, minion? It means that if you wish to have one second of My time and My attention, you will do as you're told. You will open your mind and your wallet and you will give Me all that is so rightfully Mine. I deserve it all and you deserve nothing.

Never again will you be able to serve another Domme without comparing them to Me. And after you have truly served Me… No one else will EVER compare.

Some of My Interests Include: Financial Domination, Humiliation,Forced Femme, Cross Dressing, Tease and Denial,Foot/Leg Worship,Cock & Ball Torture, Trampling  and so much more…

If the applications on this site do not cover all of the bases you are interested in or curious about, you may contact Me with a respectful introduction about yourself and what it is you think you have to offer someone such as Myself. What do you have to offer that will make My life more fulfilled with you in it? If you don't have a good answer to that question, do NOT contact Me until you do!!! Got it? Great! 

talk to you slaves later.........